Reliable, Compact and Powerful

Reliable, Compact and Powerful

You can count on Dionic XT to power the most mission critical equipment with consistently high performance. Save valuable travel space with these reliable smaller form batteries. Dionic XT raises the bar on performance and reliability.
Lifetime Value

Lifetime Value

The Dionic XT delivers powerful performance in a range of environments. Engineered to be recharged more times extending its cycle life compared to the other battery systems. Offering the best ROI and lowest management overhead.
Intelligent Innovation

Intelligent Innovation

Using Anton/Bauer’s award winning mobile power excellence, the Dionic XT technology provides uniform performance throughout its long life. The intelligent on board battery management system enables you to manage your fleet efficiently.
Versatile Solutions

Versatile Solutions

V-Mount and Gold Mount Dionic XTs are certified as transportable by air for those long distance jobs. They are also cross compatible with multiple brand chargers and superior in powering accessories such as portable LED lighting.

Why Invest in Mobile Power?

"Given the extreme environments I work in, I can't afford for my equipment to fail on me. For most of my career I have used and trusted Anton/Bauer batteries (in both V-Mount and Gold Mount). I find they are durable and consistently reliable whatever the conditions"

Jonathan Young
Dop / Lighting Cameraman

Flexible Mounting Options

Dionic XT is available in V-Mount and Gold Mount, providing you with a range of options to power your shoot.

Bespoke Build

Dionic XT batteries feature convenient USB and P-Tap power outputs enabling you to design the perfect camera and accessory power system to meet your specific needs. P-Tap is ideal for powering accessories such as portable LED lights, monitors, wireless receivers or any other 14V accessory. You can also use the USB to power smartphones and tablets while on set.

Intelligent Information

With Dionic XT there is no need to try to calculate the remaining run time of your camera or device, simply attach the battery and the large on-board backlit display will tell you the remaining run-time hours and minutes for your device. For battery capacity as a percentage and other real-time diagnostics simply tap the battery to scroll though more information. You will always know exactly how long you can work, no more power failures in the field.

Improved Performance

The superior cells used in Dionic XT batteries together with Anton/Bauer’s sophisticated charging technology extends its life cycle compared to other battery systems. The XT’s 12A of constant current (175W) delivers 10% greater run time and 20% more current compared to previous generations.

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